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    • MiVue<sup>™</sup> 792 WIFI Pro
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  • Features:

    • ● Clear images even in low-light conditions
    • ● Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
    • ● Safety camera warnings
    • ● Premium footage quality, day and night.
    • ● Premium STARVIS™ CMOS optic sensor
    • ● Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
    • ● Safety camera warnings
    • ● Premium footage quality, day and night.

    Clear images even in low-light conditions

    Premium STARVIS™ CMOS

    High-quality STARVIS™ CMOS – for superb contrast, clear and rich colours, especially in low-light conditions. The near infra-red range gets you as close to night vision as possible in a dash cam.

    STARVIS™ is a trademark of Sony Corporation

    Simply connect with WIFI

    Storing data shouldn’t be complicated. And it’s not with the MiVue 792 WIFI Pro: simply back up recordings straight to the MiVue App via the built-in WIFI, and playback your recordings on your phone. Easy.

    Created for your safety

    Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

    Alerts and reminders are there to help you reach your destination safely. That’s why the MiVue 792 WIFI Pro comes with pre-installed Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. MiVue 792 WIFI Pro’s purpose is your safety.

    Your safety comes first

    Safety camera warnings

    Roads change, but that doesn’t mean your device should go out of date. The MiVue 792 WIFI Pro safety camera warnings update monthly for the lifetime of the device.

    Stylishly small

    There’s no reason a dash cam shouldn’t be stylish. The MiVue 792 WIFI Pro is compact, sleek, and sturdy: it mounts to your windscreen without causing distraction, and can be stored in your vehicle’s glove compartment when not in use.

    Picture-perfect detail

    Never miss a detail with the MiVue™ 792 WIFI Pro. The device built in camera captures footage at 60 frames per second, so you can be sure that every detail on the road, no matter where you are, is captured and stored to help protect you in the event of a claim.

    Total ease with built-in GPS

    The GPS module is housed entirely inside the dash cam unlike other dash cams on the market, so there's no external boxes tacked on. Your location and your speed are logged on every recording.


    Recording Resolutions High Speed Recording(1080P /60 fps)
    Optic Sensor AIT8428Q
    Video Sensor IMX 291 STARVIS™
    Aperture F 1.8
    Recording Format .MP4 (H.264)
    Lense Viewing Angle 140°
    Audio Recording
    Night Mode
    HUD Display Mode
    Event Recording
    EV Adjustment 7 settings
    Postpone 10 Second
    Photo Mode
    Auto Power On
    Display Size 2.7"
    3-axis G-sensor
    Memory microSD, up to 128 GB (class 10)
    Battery 240mAh
    Power Connector Mini USB
    Height (mm) 51.2
    Width (mm) 62.6
    Depth (mm) 37.4
    Weight (gr) 60
    Rotating Mount

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