• PCB Design & Manufacturing

    North India’s largest and one of the very few PCB Design and Fabrication companies in India, Infopower is known for its PCB quality, optimal cost and on time delivery serving both Indian customers as well as overseas markets.

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  • Electronic Manufacturing Services

    One of the largest domestic EMS players in the country, Infopower serves a wide variety of customers in Automotive, Industrial, Automation, Power Electronics, Networking Products, Telecom, Energy Meters and many other domains.

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  • A MiTAC subsidiary, Mio Technology is the Asia's leading and the world's third leading brand of GPS products distributed in 56 countries in the world.

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About Infopower Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

We provide Electronic Manufacturing Services to OEM's and ODM's and are an extremely flexible set up.

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Infopower Technologies is one of the leading electronics manufacturer company of Sahasra Group.

Group Companies

Infopower Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a Sahasra Group Company